Help for Repentant Abusers

This blog seeks to stop abuse at its source. Our main focus is to reduce the anchors that may "cause" abusers to abuse. It is obvious that some abusers have no desire to change - this site is for those who feel trapped in an unwanted sitation caused by their own actions. They are asked to seek help NOW and immediately stop all forms of abuse. We will then find ways to help them.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Help for Abusers

Abusers who want to move away from their abusive behaviour need help. Abusers who need help can find links here to cleanse the anchors that initiate their abusive actions. Simply put - abusers need help.

One of the main challenges to the reduction of abuse in the world, is that the abusers feel hunted and are publicly and consistently villified. Obviously the public views their actions, as totally reprehensible and unacceptable.

Many abusers are ashamed and when they stop justifying the abuse, are often highly repentant for it. At this point, they have no way to find help, and often fear the publicity and shame that their "coming out" will cause. Thus the abuse continues and the abused will never be safe.

We offer opportunities for personal change for abusers

Abuse takes many forms:

  • Mental
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual
  • Love deprivation
  • Belittling
  • Sarcasm
  • Vulgarity

And its victims are varied:

  • Children
  • Employees
  • Life Partners
  • Oneself
  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • The Elderly

There are numerous challenges. And may of these challenges are served by support for the abused. The greatest challenge however is stopping the abuse at its source - the abusers themselves.

Repentant abusers, unlike alcoholics and drug addicts, have very little opportunity to face their demons. Internet searches show little or no avenue, for an abuser to come clean, to clear and to receive the necessary mental and emotional transformation to cleanse their anchors and keys to abuse.

Are you an abuser? Are you ashamed of your abusive actions? Do you want to protect people from any future absuive actions by yourself? Do want to change?

If so, send an email to
Brian, NOW! Put I am an abuser and need help in the subject line.

We will not reveal your identity to anyone - unless you continue with your abusive behaviour, after you have contacted us. In this case we will notify the necessary authorities as your contacting us signals your agreement. If you truly want to change this should be a motivator.

Should you wish to help yourself, and those whom you abuse, learn
EFT and clear your emotional anchors and the keys to your abuse.